Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holy Snowballs!

We are getting plummeted with snow right now and I LOVE IT! It's giving me a hankerin' to go outside and build a snowfort, 1985 style! Only this time, my brother won't be there with a bucket of warm water, molding the perfect "ice ball" to pelt at my head. Ahhh... memories.

With the cold weather comes sickness. Our family has been down with the flu for the last couple days. It sucks. Sore throat, cough, headache, stuffy everything... did I mention it SUCKS??

I had to take little britches to the Dr this morning for some follow-up immunizations. The Dr described her as "VERY STRONG" after trying, unsuccessfully, to hold her down to get her temp (via ear thermometer). As I've even said before, Ava does not like to be contained. Just to get her diaper changed, I almost have to climb on top of her to keep her pinned down. And don't even think of wiping her nose! The little ninja throws a karate chop at each hand going near her with a wipey. 

Anyway, the Dr. got a nice does of "Little Ninja" today. Ava kicked, swatted, and did everything she could to keep that Dr. far away.  Can you say "STRANGER! DANGER!"?!?!? 

What's that saying?!... "You can take the girl outta the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl".  Yup... she is her Momma's daughter.  :)  

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Rachel said...

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