Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Day!

The Bears face-off the Green Bay Fudge-Packers today at 2:00 CST!  

The whole family is decked out in our Bears gear... ready to cheer them on to a big W!

In the spirit of the big game, I'm at it again... whipping up some yummy treats.

On the menu:
Restaurant Style Salsa (Courtesy of PW)
Guacamole (Courtesy of Barefoot Contessa)
(in my best Chris Farley voice) 
...with homemade Ranch dressing (with carrotts and celery of course)
(You haven't lived until you've eaten a fried pickle, doused in Ranch.  Trust me on this one.)

The family is dressed in our best Bears garb, ready to roll.   
Even at breakfast, we sported our gear!


Time to start cookin!  

1 comment:

~Kristi said...

Your presentation with the food is really great. Remember we eat with our eyes first. :)
Steve said to tell you that GB packed fudge all over Chicago today. Don't worry, I already smacked him.