Friday, April 15, 2011

Greetings from Grand Cayman!

Well, it's 9:00 AM, and I can (for the first time in about 19 months) say that I just woke up! How incredible! We are having a blast--it's hard not to, considering how beautiful everything is here. We've been beach bums mostly, lounging in the chairs. We have gone kayaking and Ken has already snorkled and paddle-boarded.  All in all, we're keeping busy-- doing mostly nothing at all-- just how vacation should be, right?  Here are a few pics of our awful view.  It's hard to take, let me tell ya!

Yesterday we received a surprise. We ordered some ice from room service and when they delivered it, I had them set it on the console table-- and it was then that I noticed our surpirse! On the table was a framed picture of Ava and a note. I freakin lost it!

Well, I'll write more later... just thought I would check in (to make you a teency bit jealous). :-)  Happy Friday, everyone! XOXO!

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Anonymous said...

The surprise picture and note from Ava is the sweetest thing!! How thoughtful! I cannot even imagine how crazy-happy you were!! I'm glad you're relaxing and having fun!! Love you!!