Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home sweet home!

We are officially back! What a long trip! 10 days is a helluva long time to be gone-- and a helluva nice break from laundry, cleaning, etc. Needless to say, I did boat loads of laundry today, trying to catch up so we have a few outfits to pick from in the next few days.

Here are a few pics of the hubs and I:
Night #2, before dinner
Clearly I'm sucking in... the hand on the hip helps :)
Dinner at Casanova's (on the beach, watching the sunset)
Good thing we left when we did-- on the last day, the place was starting to look like a Jersey Shore Convention. Check out this douche-- "The Situation" wanna-be. The kid had bigger diamond studs in his ears than P-Diddy. And the kid's dad was fat, hairy and bald-- just like Tony Soprano-- puffing on a stank-ass Swisher Sweet while I was a mere 5 feet away, trying to enjoy my $400 continental breakfast. 

(No, breakfast did not cost $400--but I do feel compelled to tell you that the breakfast buffet was $40. PER PERSON! A mimosa even cost $35- no joke! Want a glass of OJ? Get out a $10 spot. Dead serious. This menu is not for the faint of heart. And sadly, the eggs, bacon and toast are no more delicious than your nearest greasy spoon.) Consider this fair warning: The Ritz Carlton - Grand Cayman will rid you of your children's college savings in no time.

Anwwaaaaaaaaaay, ever tried to eat while smelling cigars? Barf! That about sums it up. I wanted to give them both ("The Sitch" and Mr. Soprano) both a scissor kick to the head!

On a positive note, Ava did spectacularly with my Mom and Stepdad. She was so darling-- and appeared to have grown at least an inch upon our return. Little rascal. She did wonderfully on the plane today, too.  

Swimming with her Daddy... Wearing the hat we bought for her in Grand Cayman
Lastly- we had a star sighting! We were seated a few tables down from Jessica Simpson at the restaurant in the Charlotte airport.Here are a few pics I snapped of her, while trying not to be uber-obvious! She was with her man-- and there didn't appear to be any body guards/ security nearby. In fact, I think I was the only one that really noticed it was her.  Well, me-- and the waiter that was drooling over her! :)


Stacia said...

dang girl you look amazing! look at those bazoombas!!! i have those right now too! except i have a 20lbs basketball glued to my belly...

Krista said...

Looks AMAZing!!!!

Karah said...

your suit is super cute! so cool you saw jessica simpson! :)