Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No question about which dwarf I would be!

That's right. I would be the GRUMPY one. I'm a hormonal bag of crabapples and I blame this pregnancy 150%. Everything pisses me off these days. Everything.

I am hoping it's the First Trimester and that in a week or two I'll be over it... along with the exhaustion & nausea. This pregnancy is very different from the one I experienced with Ava. I can't say I'm miserable, I'm just not as jolly as I was the first time around. Instead, I'm a sleepy, groggy, barfing, crabby and short-tempered beatch. 

I think I need a long spa weekend to myself with no interruptions. Hey, Mother's Day is around the corner, right? Will someone PLEASE send this link to my husband?  He does well with hints (very obvious hints, I might add). :)


Stacia said...

story of the past 20 weeks for me and still counting...

~Kristi said...

Give me his number. I'll have a little 'come to Jesus meeting' with him.