Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No wonder I'm crabby

Kristi: C'mon babe, we need to take our weekly belly pic.
Ken: I thought you said we weren't doing it this pregnancy...?
Kristi: What?! Why?! Doesn't THIS baby matter?!
Ken: You said in Florida that you didn't want to take belly pics this time...
Kristi: No I didn't.
Ken: Yes you did.
Kristi: Then why did I have my Mom take a pic last Wednesday?
Ken: You did not. You're lying.
Kristi: Why would I lie about it?
Ken: Show me the pic then.
Kristi: (15 minutes later-- after finally finding the damn picture) SEE. Here it is. God. Why do I have to prove EVERYTHING to you?! It's so annoying.
Ken: Are you getting grumpy again? Okay, c'mon let's take the pic.
Kristi: Are you sure?! I wouldn't want it to interfere with your watching TV.
Ken: (cocks his head and looks at me) Really??!!
Kristi: Just take the damn picture.
Ken: Aren't you going to smile?
Kristi: Smile?! I got your smile right here.


Krista said...

Ohhhh....LOVE :)

Stacia said...

LOL! ah yes, that's why i resorted to taking the picture of myself in the mirror. after getting 6 thousand "i look like shit and you take crappy pictures" pictures i decided if you want something done you just do it yourself. and yet i still look like shit and then everyone sees how gross my bathroom is. i need a maid.