Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost there

The dogs have been boarded at Pooch Hotel until Friday afternoon, when they will make their appearance at their new home... the land of Happy Dogsville. When they left tonight, little did they know it would be the last they would see of the condo. This is a good thing considering I was close to letting them out the front door this morning and onto the lap of anyone who would take their crazy asses. They must suspect something... because they've been barking nonstop.... all... day... long.... for the last month! I will be so happy to be able to open the door and let them dart into that beautiful, huge yard to exhaust all that energy. It's what they need. Well, that... and shock therapy.

I gave Ava what will be her last bath in her first home... it was extra splashy. I'm watching her roll around in her bed right now, via video monitor. Laura is coming at 6:45 to babysit her so we can get everything in order tomorrow. We also wired the money to the title company today... which means... it's technically "official"... right?! I don't know why but I'm scared of the closing... I feel like I'm being sent to the principal's office. Why is that?!

Friday is moving day. We have about 10 different deliveries/ meetings going on that day. I will expect to be one tired pooch after the day is done. I hope Ava adjusts well and doesn't keep me up all night because she doesn't know where she is.

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