Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can I get a Amennnna?!

We STILL haven't closed on our new house.  I'm ready to climb into the stubborn underwriter's cube and start tossing out some serious threats.

I thought we would be in by last week.... and we're still waiting on them to give us the "clear to close".  What's holding it up  you ask?!  Well... we purchased the home from what is called a relocation company.  When an employee is relocated, their employer contracts a relocation company to purchase their home and act as the seller.  Well, long story short... half of the documents have the relocation company listed as the sellers... and the other half have the actual owners... hence the holdup.

Meanwhile, we are living amongst stacked boxes, up and down the hallway... and a diet of fast food.  Never knew how affordable (and delicious) an entire day's meals can be when purchased from a fast food place.  In fact, I think that we would be making some serious coin if we put stock in McDonald's/ Chipotle.  Too bad we didn't.  :)

With our move "on hold", I've enjoyed taking "little britches" to the park to see other kids & show off her walking skills.  She marches around with such pride.  Her shoes squeak, too.  So all of the other kids tend to flock to her, and her shoes.

I hope she adjusts to the new place (pending the d-bag in underwriting gets a clue... and approves the purchase).  I'm sure she will... as her family (and furry brothers) will be there to comfort her.  Let's all hope the underwriter (I have some other choice words.. in case you haven't noticed thus far) decides he's ok to give us the "CTC" and we can get things a-movin'.

Here are some pics of little britches from today... GREAT facial expressions!!!  :


Anonymous said...

Definetly my favorite poses are the middle one and the last one! to die for! - Sarah!

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