Monday, October 18, 2010

Calgon, take me AWAY!!!

Ok. The commercial TOTALLY makes sense to me now. As I was rocking Ava to sleep tonight, I thought to myself... how wonderful a nice, hot bath would be.... which is weird because I'm a "shower person" and rarely take a bath. Never in my life has one sounded so good. Maybe it's because we are still without gas which means NO hot water, that makes it sound so incredible. Either way, the gas is being hooked up tomorrow morning... guess what I'll be doing during Ava's morning nap... ?  A high five for any correct guesses....

Things are finding their place in the house. The kitchen is finished... well, minus the table (delivered on Thurs)... and minus all the artwork (wait till you see what my Mom painted for it!!!!!)... and minus our new BADASS fridge we got today at Best Buy. It comes on Thursday too.  We're going to put the current one in the garage.  

We have a lot of other stuff being delivered this week which is exciting.  I feel like we're still living out of boxes... which is probably normal.  We did end up driving downtown yesterday (to our condo) so we could shower and bathe Ava.  I think I lost 2 lbs just from washing off all the moving dirt/ sweat.  I know. GROSS.  Nicor comes tomorrow and we are going to be in business/ finally have gas (no jokes allowed)!  For the first time, I can wash clothes... dishes... and our bodies.  

I have been able to cook, by using the oven and microwave.  In fact, I made our first homemade meal tonight... chicken pot pie.  Everything was going great until I realized I forgot to salt and pepper the top of the biscuits, so I opened the oven... opened the lid of the ground black pepper, reached my arm in and began to shake.. I realized I opened the "spoon" side of the lid and the pepper literally poured out all over.  As soon as I noticed, I yanked my hand back, burning it on one of the racks, spilling even more pepper on the bottom of the oven and on the door.  I quickly closed it.  That's when I realized that I not only had a huge welt on my hand, but I had singed my nose hairs with black pepper fumes. I looked in the oven and a rolling "pepper smoke" went on for about 5 minutes.  Even afterward, the house continued to smell like pepper... which means a sneezing-fest ensued for the next 10 minutes.  Ava looked at me with her "crinkle face" like...."Mom.  WTH is that AWFUL smell?".  

And did I mention the new fridge?!?!?  Oh yeah, I did. I can't wait.  It's awesome!!!!  I will admit, I copied the purchase from my Mom & Jim.  It's so beautiful.  I will probably hug it once it's installed.  I'm a total electronics FREAK. 

We also have Walter (our Ukranian friend) coming this week to paint Ava's bedroom and playroom.  We will finally get rid of the blood-red color in her room... you have no clue how bad it looks with all that pink!  We're going to paint her room baby blue... and her play room (future nursery) a pale yellow.  

A lot going on.  I literally have to check the calendar ever hour or two to make sure I stay on task.  

Tomorrow, I have to get some new shoes for little britches.  She has outgrown her old pair and is gearing up for running in the yard with the boys.  Tomorrow will be her day in the sun.  :)

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