Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sneak peak

Drinking and wobbling... watching the dogs play

Looking out a front window at our new view

Flowers from our friendly neighbor, Jerry.

She was looking out of her playroom window, laughing at the dogs chasing one another

I know, I totally teased you.  These are mostly just pics of Ava in the new house.  I don't have everything in the right spot yet so I don't want to post pics until it looks "presentable".  We (I) have been hard at work unpacking.  I'm absolutely shocked how non-empty this house is... we had a lot of stuff.  In fact, we didn't even have enough room on the truck to get it all in.  Nope.  We are going downtown tomorrow to get the remaining things out of storage and to take showers/ give Ava a bath... oh, did I forget to mention that we have NO GAS until Tues???!! Without gas, you'd be surprised how strapped you are.   No stove usage (ovens are electric so that is good)... and no hot water.  I was trying to think like a pioneer today... brainstorming of ideas to create a warm bath.  I got as far as: get all slow cookers on high with water in the pots... but bake-safe dishes/ pans in the ovens (also filled with water)... and lastly, microwave the water...  and maybe then, we'd have enough hot water to give a small rat an acceptable bath.  This sucks... but so far, appears to be the only bad thing about this move.  We had a few casualties (6 wine glasses), but other than that, things went pretty smooth.  Ava is adjusting wonderfully.  She loves her new playland.  She just wanders about, babbling and taking toys from one room to another.  She has a dedicated playroom which is just off of her room; it's nice to have a whole room to put her things when picking up the place.  She is sleeping soundly... one tuckered-out little girl after all of the exploring she did today.  The dogs are doing well, too.... all things considered.  Biscuit has a major separation anxiety that pops up every time Ken leaves his sight, so... anytime we put them in the backyard by themselves, he stares into the door and barks and or cries.  NONSTOP.  I will admit, he was better today than yesterday... but still whining like crazy.  I thought he would be stoked!  Willy couldn't be more pleased.  He has found his paradise.  Crazy little weezer.  They certainly are getting their exercise... they run for hours.  It's awesome.  When they come in (after scoping out every nook and cranny for a morsel of food... even licking AJ's leftover mac n' cheese that is on her cheeks) they pass out immediately.  Nice change from the condo... :)

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