Sunday, October 24, 2010


We made a decision... at least for the immediate future.  We are going to rent our condo in the city, rather than sell.  So... I am officially now adding the title of Landlord to my list of job titles (others include... Stay-at-home-Mom, Cleaning Lady, Chef, Interior Decorator, Accounts Payable Director, etc,).  I'm not worried about it... but am looking out for any grenades (license requirements, fees, certifications, etc) that we need to hurdle.  Google has been a great resource thus far.

Here are some pics of the condo... tell your friends!

Seriously.  Tell your friends.  I'm a fan of offering a "finders fee".  Get to work.. whoever is reading this garbage.  ;-)

So much progress was done on the house today!  Well... by Ken, anyway.  I was far too hungover to accomplish hardly anything.  My sister came in on Friday (left this morning) and let's just say, we had a GREAT time last night.  She loved the house... and we literally laughed ourselves to death on Saturday.  She got her fill of Ava.... and eventually, we got our fill of drinkies.  I've been paying for it all day.  I literally don't even think I recall the first few hours of the morning because I was still buzzed.  So pathetic.  But in the end, I'm laughing it off because it was worth it... doesn't happen that often... and because it was "off the muggin-stink-eye's-hinges" (she will be the only person to understand this).  And to top off a great weekend, the Tigers whooped-up on Oklahoma, landing at #6 in the BCS.  A-MAZING.  I'm so proud to be a TIGER!!!  I will post pics of my glory days of MU... tomorrow.  Need some shuteye for now.  G'night! 

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