Monday, March 14, 2011

It's the little things...

Earlier today, I was just about to let the dogs in from outside and I looked over to Ava to ask, "Did you finish your banana? You know the doggies will eat it if they find it!". The little rascal bolted straight to the office--to her kiddy desk and picked up the remaining banana-- and ran back toward me so I could help shield her from the always-hungry-heathens.

SHE UNDERSTANDS ME?!??? Amazing! It's so wonderful to finally be able to communicate with this little person. Her words are improving, day by day... but she certainly has a grasp of what I am saying (which means I need to clean up my potty mouth). In fact, the other day she kept saying... "Awwwww NICE!" Ken and I were dying laughing!

This also means, that she can understand commands-- Which means, when she doesn't "listen" to me, she full well understands me... and is choosing to be defiant. Time-out time? Perhaps. Things are about to get a little rough around the Gilbert digs!

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Traci Curtis said...

It's so much easier once they start really understanding.. and so much harder at the same time! :)