Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two firsts

Today has been an interesting one. Ava has experienced 2 firsts!

When I finished working out and went to get her at daycare, I didn't see her. Anywhere. I panicked a little. I walked in the back, thinking she was playing in the gym with a ball (her absolute favorite toy in the WORLD). Not there either. Then I looked up. There she was-- at the very top of the crawly-tube-thingys.


The daycare guy politely said, "Well I didn't help her!".  So I quickly realized that the little muscle had pulled herself up from platform to platform, until she reached the top.  What a monkey!  So I stuck my head into the slide so she could see me and she totally went for it, and flew down the chute!  It was adorable.  She clung to me like a little koala the whole way out of the child care center-- well until I let her down to walk (dance) down the hallway, on our way out.

Her second first of the day? Not a good one. We were at Best Buy exchanging our Flip Video for the Kodak Playsmart (thanks Dennis for the recommendation!). Ava decided that she didn't want to sit in the seat--rather she wanted to sit in the actual cart. I obliged-- as long as she was content, I was ok with it.  

We were parked at the movie section of the store, when all of a sudden she started wailing-- you know the cry-- the one where you really know she's hurt. I look over at her and she's covering her face with her hands.  I didn't see what happened (too busy looking for the Disney Princess Movie) so I concluded the injury was the result of her jumping in the cart and slamming her face down onto the back of the seat (the very hard metal part). When she removed her little paws, blood was GUSHING from her nose. I FLIPPED. I fell to the ground, cradled her in my lap and tried wiping her nose with wipes. She was so hurt and scared... and didn't understand what was going on. It was seriously awful.  Some turd walked up, not realizing the severity of her injury and said, "Somebody really wants an iPod."  I'm pretty sure the look of death that I shot him sent a clear message of what I really wanted to say to him.  

Little darling is sleeping now.  She still has crusty blood on the edge of her right nostril and she will not let me get it.  I secretly think she is saving it so she can show Daddy her war wound.  

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