Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Momkini

Ava had her first swimming lesson yesterday at Lifetime. She was such a darling little fishy. She has always loved water so it came as no surprise that she LOVED her lesson. I wish I could have pics of it, but it would be nearly impossible to snap pics of her, with my non-waterproof camera, while keeping her afloat-- might result in a serious accident.

I decided that I would go and buy my first "mom-kini" at Target (Yes, Target- I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I would only be wearing in Ava's swim class). Besides, I couldn't dare wear one of my bikinis... they have sequins, etc and are WAY too skimpy for a kids swim class. $40 later, I am now the semi-proud owner of a mom-kini. It looks like this but is gray:

Now, if you look at it (as I did) you're probably wondering--aren't swim suits supposed to be tight?  With that said, look at the waist on this thing.  Why so baggy?  It's not a maternity suit...?

Well, I soon found out that once in the water, the thing rises up like an intertube around your cha-cha's... showing as much skin as one of my skank-kini's.  I should have saved the $40 and donned the ol' string bikini.  In order to keep it from floating up I had to tuck it into the bottoms--Now we're talking uber sexy! Ava's is much cuter:
I don't know if I can bear the embarrassment of wearing that thing again next week.  Might need to find a new momkini.  Maybe we'll shop for one after we go to Best Buy this morning (to replace my Flip Video camera that she decided to take swimming with her in the bathtub last week).  Maybe afterward, we'll hit TJ's and I'll sharpen my Maxxinista skills by walking out with a semi-cute momkini for next week's class. 


print girl ink said...

OMG OK this is hilarious to me bc right now my ava is in swim classes too and since i'm a 23 week pregnant whale i borrowed a tankini from a friend (only have bikini's here too) and though it's fitted, obviously since it's not a maternity suit and when i move (out of water) my gut pokes out but when i get in the water it just floats like an inner tube!! wtf?! seems almost pointless, no?

Dennis said...

Hey Kristi,

Don't know if you already replaced your Flip camera or not but I HIGHLY recommend the Kodak playsport camera. you can drop it kick it, take it in the pool etc. Here's the link (http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/pd/PLAYSPORT_Video_Camera__Purple__Zx3/baseProductID.169976100/productID.170295600)

Krista said...

this is hilarious. and very good, timely info b/c i am going on a work trip to costa rica in several weeks...and need something that will cover my growing belly. maybe a tankini would be a better idea? I like the idea of tucking it in...great visual. :)