Sunday, March 27, 2011

You are kidding, right?!

2:15 AM scene of events at the Gilbert Household:

Kristi: "Ken, Biscuit is barking again. Go let him out before I bludgeon him."
Ken: "
Nom, clha, chu, sweww, sommm"
Kristi: "WHAT?! Dude, wake up! You need to get up and let him out! He's going to wake up Ava."
Ken: "I didn't even hear him bark."
Kristi: "Seriously?! He's barked 5
flippin times!"
Ken: "I'll let him out if he barks again."
Biscuit: "Woof."
Kristi: "Happy now? Go!"
Ken: "You know, this sucks. We should have to take turns."
Kristi: "Take turns??? You must be out of your mind. Yeah, let's take turns. Especially since you got up with Ava all those times in the night? Oh yeah. That's right. You got up a total of ZERO times. ZERO."
Ken: "(grumbling while stumbling to turn on the light to take care of the barking dog)"
Kristi: (under my breath) "take turns...HA! He must be crazy"

10 minutes later, Biscuit is outside, barking nonstop. I can only assume he is wanting to come back in. I go to find Ken, who is completely passed out on the couch, 5 feet away from where the dog is barking. 

Kristi: "Dude, are you serious?"
Ken: "What?"
Kristi: "You can't hear him?"
Ken: "Who?"
Kristi: "UGH!!!!!!"

So, I let the dog in, flash Ken a dirty look and crawl back upstairs to go back to bed. Moments later, he is snoring again on the couch. 

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