Friday, March 11, 2011

Lack of sleep is provoking random thoughts

I've been awake since 4 AM. I got up to go to the bathroom and now I am sitting here, wide awake. Well, I'm sleepy now (of course)-- but I know that Little Britches will be hooting and hollering in about 20 minutes so what is the point of of going back to bed now?

Before I got out of bed, I lay awake and an email I received from my Patch Editor popped into my head.
I've never had a background in writing so I'm learning the rules as I go. She mentioned to me that "ampersands should be used as part of a company's formal name--For example, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad--Otherwise the word "and" should be spelled out". My response? What the hell is an ampersand? You mean the "and sign"? Yep. Never knew that squiggly thing had an actual name.  How did I miss this in school?

Ready for this one?
Now I'm really exposing myself. When I entered the business world in 2001 (just after college) I had to do a lot of cold-calling. I would always ask the secretary for the email address of the person I was looking to speak with. 

"Do you mind giving me Mike's email address? Great! Great! Thanks again!"-- I would then email and it would inevitably be returned to my inbox saying no such user exists. 

Stupid secretary. How dare she lie to me?

That's right. I didn't know that the "_" symbol is called "underscore", which meant Pat's email address was Pat_Smith@yahoo. com.
Me= the stupid one. 

Based on the video below, Ava already has odds of being much brighter than her Mother.  Just watch how she dances along with The Wiggles, mimicking their moves.  Little cutie.  Try not to listen to my awful singing.

Want to see another interesting video? Watch the footage of this morning's tsunami. There are guys on the bridge just moseying by, watching the water rush underneath them. They aren't panicking-- just taking it all in--as if they're just peacefully watching whales migrate by. WTF?! Dude- you're about to be washed away to the next lifetime. I would move it if I were you.

Daylight savings time is this weekend?! Just another sign Spring is around the corner! Here's to longer days with more sunshine!  Don't forget to set your clocks an hour forward (not back- thanks Steph!) on Saturday night!

PS- This has GOT to just be the most RANDOM post EVER.  

Just goes to show what sleep deprivation will do to ya.

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