Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that are stupid

My friend Brooke posted this list this morning on Facebook. It's called things that are stupid. I'm going to replace/ add a few of my own:
  1. Using your pet as your profile pic. Slutty/ smoochy face profile pics
  2. Bumper stickers
  3. Lawn ornaments. 
  4. Smoking (Yes, I used to smoke... but now that I don't I can say it's gross/ stinky, expensive & unhealthy)
  5. Hooters music playlist (Brooke- you might need to clue me in on this one...? Do you know the Hooters music playlist by heart? If so, we might need to have a sit down :) )
  6. Skinny jeans (unless you weigh 91 lbs and can actually pull them off) 
  7. 45% of women. 
  8. 65% of men. 
  9. Marriage Douchebags
  10. Panty Hose
  11. Daylight Savings Time (Can't we just split the difference and move it forward (or backward) 30 minutes and call it a done deal?

1 comment:

Laura Evans said...

thank you for crossing out #1 because my profile picture is of our new puppy!!!!