Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cue song: "I'm a big kid now"

Ava is now the proud new owner of her big-girl carseat! She is uber pleased about the upgrade. She is also very fond of her new view... she can now watch me drive, look out the window, etc. We went this morning to the Clarendon Hills Fire Dept to have it installed by a very nice man. He's lived here his whole life and told me we made a wise decision by moving here. I liked hearing that. :) When I put her in the new seat, she was looking around and smiling. I snapped a few pics of her during our morning errands. Such a happy girl. Although... now that she can see me up front, I suppose I'll need to cut down on all those "gestures" I make at other drivers. Probably should get my road rage in check, too. Oops. 

"For real?  This is how I get to sit from now on?!"

"Mom!!  This is the COOOOLEST!" 

So. Tired. Can't.  Keep.  Eyes.  Open.

Carseat 1- Ava 0

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