Friday, November 12, 2010

November nonsense

Wait... What's that? Are you listening?! Are your speakers up? Well if they are, you're now listening to my new favorite song, called "Never Grow Up" about a Mother & her Daughter. As much as Taylor Swift's live singing brings back memories of nails on a chalkboard, she sure can write some sweet stuff! And I'm a total sucker for it.

Here are some recent pics of Miss Ava... Who is clearly growing up WAY TOO FAST.  

Rocking in the chair that YaYa painted 

Mmmmm Breakfast


She locked herself in there with Willy...

She loves these boys sooo much...

Helping Mom with Laundry (which consists of her pulling out all of the folded clothes and spreading them all over the room).

 Happy girl

 The hat totally cracks me up

Playing in the yard with her furry brothers 


 Mommy and her baby

The Gilbert Boys 

Ava with her teething ring and favorite pig, Kevin Bacon.

Little Target shopper

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