Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Visitors GALORE!!

This weekend we are going to be hosting all sorts of guests!! Ken's sister (Lisa) and husband (Tom) are coming in on Saturday for a short visit. That night we have a Christmas party in the city to attend... our friends, The Peases are having their annual holiday fiesta. Tom & Lisa are coming with us... but Ava is not. She is getting her second night away from us since the big move. I've found that that babysitters that work at the gym are just as happy to babysit while not "clocked in". Hence, my new plethora of babysitting options.

After Tom & Lisa leave on Sunday, we'll be getting even more visitors!!! My Sister, Niece & Mom are coming up on the train so we can do our tradition of going to the Walnut Room (at Macy's on State Street) to have lunch & cocktails around the humongous tree. I wasn't able to go last year but we've made a pact going forward, that just us girls will get together, every year, and go to experience the magic. Last year, Mom was so mesmerized that you would have thought someone slipped some ecstasy in her martini. She was literally floating on air from the experience. Not to mention, she was covered in fairy glitter... from head to toe.

I am excited for Dulaney & Ava to see the huge tree and get sprinkled with the magical fairy dust, by the pretty fairy princess. I'm sure I'll take a million pics. We plan on going on Monday because we're convinced it will be less crowded. The nice part is that they give you a beeper for when your table is ready... so you can shop while you wait. How great is that?!? Sounds like a recipe for some serious spending!

So Sunday will consist of us just hanging out, doing some shopping, cocktailing... the usual. I can't wait!! I love having my family come to visit. And even better, I love having room to put them... and not sending them off to a hotel for the night!

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