Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This is the first time I can say that I actually gave out candy for Halloween. In the city, people don’t buzz your condo. And before that, I was probably out until dawn with friends and not home to answer the door.

So this year, I bought candy! I was so excited. I even bought an ensemble of accessories to wear to the door.. Bunny ears, bunny nose, tail, etc... And no... No fishnets. I wasn’t trying to be a Playboy bunny... Just a sweet, clothed, non-provocative bunny. We had about 6 groups of kids come by... Which means I bought WAY too much candy... Which means, I will need to purchase some bigger pants in the upcoming weeks. I tried to be as animated as possible... Asking what they were and telling them how spooky / snazzy/ pretty their costumes were... While also telling them to take as much candy as their little hands could grab. A few kids looked at me like I was Santa. I was like.. “No, seriously, take as much as you want!” One poor kid looked around like there was a hidden camera somewhere with his mom behind it.. And he tentatively took an extra pack of skittles... And then ran for the hedges. Little freak. He is probably being raised by some organic-only-feeding-Mom that won’t give their kid sweets. Well... Not in this house kiddo! Something else I found weird... the kids stopped coming to the house by 6:00pm. So strange... I remember ringing doorbells up until like 9:00 pm...?

Ava has been under the weather & teething for the past few days. She was a trooper today, though. We had some friends out to see the house... I made my homemade chili and we all had a good time... Watching Ava play in the yard (in her costume) with the boys (dogs).

Here are some pics from today... And yes, my Mom made her beautiful Halloween bow! The gals at the grocery went goo-goo-ga-ga over it/ her! They even gave her a free cookie. They used to do that at Randall’s grocery in Quincy when I was little... Made me feel like I was 6 again. It’s cute to think she’ll get to experience some of the things I did when I was little. I mean, who wouldn’t go to the grocery store if they knew they were promised a cookie? :)

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