Thursday, November 25, 2010

Progress: Ava's playroom/ future nursery

No!!! I'm not pregnant... yet. :) However, the room we plan to use as a nursery when baby #2 DOES come along is now acting as Ava's playroom.

I picked up Mom & Jim from the train station yesterday... they came in for the holiday (yes, I'm cooking the bird this year!.... and yes, I do have multiple frozen pizzas on hand in the event that "Farquart" (the name we gave 
the Turkey) doesn't "turn out"). 

Anyway.... I have to say, Jim is SO handy!! He has done so much on my "honey do" list!! One of which was hanging up Ava's pink tent in her playroom! Ken's boss and wife bought it for her and we've been dying to get it up... just weren't sure how to hang it. Thank goodness for Jim!! Here are some pics of her playroom... before (the previous owner's design/ decor) and after:



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