Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Nate-

Dear Nate Berkus-

I need your help. But first, I need to get something off my chest. Your show sucks. I mean... it lit-er-ally ba-lows! Sorry if that is a little too straight-forward.... but I cringe just watching your program. Just stick to designing... diss the camera.... and the constant asking of the audience, "Cool... right?!?!".  UGH.  Stab me in the neck. 

With that said... I could use a little help. My very curious 14 month old is overly excited about our Christmas tree. Do you have ANY suggestions to keep her away from pulling off all the ornaments (and ultimately throwing them on the ground, shattering into millions of glass pieces, creating multiple hazardous situations)?

This is what our tree looked like before she discovered it:

And here it is now... babyproofed:

Got any ideas to make it beautiful, without its pants down/ lights off?  Thanks in advance.  


Anonymous said...

Okay, if you want something from somebody shouldn't you be nice? Being so critical will not get you Nate's help! Really, would you help someone who said "Your show sucks....." Besides, are you perfect at everything? I'm only coming to his defense because you are extremely rude. It's okay to have an opinion but you shouldn't type anything in a blog, text or email that you wouldn't say to that person face-to-face. If you cringe when you watch his show why are you watching it? He can't make all the people happy all the time. That's why there is chocolate AND vanilla ice cream. Save yourself some grief and ask Martha Stewart. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristi Gilbert said...

To Anonymous- I'm not REALLY asking for his help. I just thought it was a clever way to mention my dislike for his show. And if he were here in my home, I would tell him, "Nate you are a great designer. But you suck as a tv host".

Furthermore, if you feel so inclined to comment on my blog posts, ridiculing my content and my opinions, at least have the guts to leave your name.

Maggie said...

Well said Kristi, Anonymous-show yourself! Don't hide behind your computer.
We aren't even putting up a tree because Declan will not only pull off the ornaments but eat the needles, learn to climb it, etc. We have a potted tree we brought in from outside, maybe I will throw a star on it or something. You know, to get in the spirit. Gag.
Love the blog and say what you want it is your blog!

print girl ink said...

LOL omg anonymous... seriously?! you don't read sarcasm so well huh?

btw krisi i'm afraid this is going to be a year with a tree that's half decorated, it's ok though next year you can fully decorate it again! yet another thing they don't tell you about kids...

suzyb said...

LOL! that is the funniest looking Christmas tree I've ever seen!! Makes so much sense now.. to think, all these years I found it endearing that my parents gave up all our beautiful glass ornaments and replaced them with the ghetto popcorn strings & popsicle stick decorations my brothers & I made at school.. now I understand what the real reason was! haha

And for the record, if your blog gives you an IP address of commenters like wordpress blogs do.. you can practically look up their street address hehe just sayin... ;)