Friday, November 5, 2010

Progress: Family Room, Dining & Kitchen

... and the painting continues!!! Walter (our hungarian-retired police officer- professional painter-friend) has been here all week... painting from top to bottom. He's also repainting all the doors/ molding. It's amazing how a coat of white paint can make everything look clean and new. I just love it. I feel like we're putting our own stamp on it.

We have soooo far to go until it's complete though... and if I'm anything like my own Mother- it will NEVER be finished because she's always redecorating something or another. Here are a few before and after pics of the rooms mentioned:



We still have a ton of art/ pics to hang... which should add a lot of color to the rooms... which means I've been stalking Homegoods for the perfect mirrors/ pictures to fill the walls. I've been 3 times this week... and left with an empty cart each time (and that, my friend- is no easy task!)     

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Mascara meets Matchbox said...

How much do I love Homegoods?!!!! Too much!