Friday, November 19, 2010

Whatever happened to Ducktales?

All day long, I'm inundated with Sprout, Disney & Nick Jr.  I have it on (literally, all day) for AJ's entertainment.  She doesn't really watch it though (put down the phone and stop dialing DCFS)... mostly it's just on in the background while she plays around the house.  She likes to dance to the cheesy songs, too.  I don't know if you've ever watched any of these programs but I've formed some opinions over the last 14 months about some of these characters/ fools.   

The Wiggles:

Do these guys get action from chicks?! I mean seriously... I wonder if there are mom-groupies out there that secretly want to get with them.

At first I thought the one in blue (Anthony was kind of hot)... until I saw his dance moves.

I'm convinced Murray (the one in red) is a RAGING alcoholic and hits the bottle HARD as soon as they're done filming... slamming the door to his trailer, taking a swig off the ole' bottle... thinking, "FML... FML.... FML."

Handy Manny:

OK, I admit it... I find Handy Manny to be totally hot.  Yes.. he's a cartoon.  But there is something I find super attractive about this young, fit, handyman that can fix just about anything.  And he's so friendly.  His accent doesn't hurt matters, either. 

Ken knows about my feelings for Manny... but insists he's not jealous.


Cailou is transgender.  

No ifs ands or butt's about it. 

And he has a dog named Gilbert?!  WTF Cailou?!?! 

Imagination Movers:

Rich is hot.  I love when he plays his drums.  

The guy in the hat looks JUST like my friend, Scott Harms.  The resemblance is frightening.  

Yo Gabba Gabba:

Seriously?  How much acid did the writer of this program take back in the 70's?  I think it's safe to say he or she's still "trippin"... which could be the only viable explanation for this show... and the repetitive, weird songs that are played throughout.   

Special Agent Oso:

For a special agent, he's certainly a forgetful one... In each episode, he's given 3 instructions... and he can NEVER remember any of them.  Not sure which Agent School he went to, but I doubt he received high marks.  

Not to mention, he looks just like Paul Giamatti. 


Anonymous said...

Oso is replete with problems. One wonders if kids become dumber watching that show.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. These are light-hearted, educational shows for young children. If you don't like them or don't find them beneficial for your daughter, then turn them off instead of mocking them to try to sound cool.

Kristi Gilbert said...

Hey "Anonymous"- This is MY blog. If you don't like what you're reading then go stalk someone else's page.

Anonymous said...

Saw your recent status -so OF COURSE I had to read your posts. I think this is hilarious, while I can't say i've seen ANY of these shows, I can say they make Barney, Muppet Babies, Smurfs, and He-man look normal!! Keep it up - I love checking in and reading you well written fun posts!
ITB - hahahaha
Heidi Grosch

print girl ink said...

LOL!!! WOW people, just wow. seriously? I can't get over how many people have no sarcastic bone in their body!!! The shows are perfect for kids but as an adult that has to repeatedly watch them... it's mind numbing and Kristi nails each show right on the head. Anonymous, how about you get over yourself and find a little humor in your life, you might find that you won't be such a soar puss. :)

Tasha said...

WHAT?!!! I just read these second anonymous postings! Talk about rude. "Anonymous" is RUDE! WTF! Is this person stating how they really feel or are they just trying to tick you off? Whatever this person's reasoning.....they are really only making themselves look really bad and need to lighten up!

Kristi Gilbert said...

LMAO at u girls!! You crack me up! :)