Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby talk

Me: Ava- what does Santa say??
Ava: Ha-ha-ha

Me: Ava, say BYE BYE!!
Ava: Nie, Nie (night night)

Me: Uh oh!
Ava: Ugh ull!

Needless to say, her speaking ability is improving more and more by the day.  However... I have YET to hear the words Mama or Mommy come out of those beautiful, raspberry lips.  

Ken: Ava, say Ma-ma
Ava: Duh-duh

WTH?  I spend every waking minute with this bundle of sweetness and she calls me "Duh Duh"?

Santa- if you're listening, could you please give her the skills to say Mama?  It is all I want this year. Well... that and my other request for a few hair plugs to cure Miss Ava's Rooster Mullet.  


1 comment:

~Kristi said...

Maybe she's just used to saying, "Duh Mom!" so she shortened it.