Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Walnut Room

We made it to Macy's by 10:00 AM and went straight to the Walnut Room to see about getting a reservation & pager (last year the line was wrapped around the store, people waiting to get in).  Incredibly enough, there was a table open... in a super-bonus spot... RIGHT NEXT TO THE TREE!   

The whole dining experience lasted about 2 hours... and was so fun and memorable.  The Fairy Princess visits each of the tables, sprinkling "fairy dust" (glitter) on your head while she tells you to make a wish.  It was really sweet and the girls LOVED it!  Mom must have gotten slipped some ecstasy again.... just like last year, feeling as if she were literally in heaven... mouth agape... and oohing and aahing at everything.  Typical Mom.  :)   

Dulaney put it best when she said, "This is the best day of my whole life." 

The Tree was OUT OF CONTROL!  This is the view from my seat.  

Aerial view of the tree.  

 Admiring the gorgeous-ness of the spectacular tree... and drinking a "Poinsetta" (Champagne with Cranberry juice)

 Mom... making her wish!

My GORGEOUS Niece (Dulaney) & the Fairy Princess

That Fairy Princess was hysterical... no joke!  Probably could use a little Prozac.

A little over-excitement over the Fairy Princess & her magical fairy dust! 

Someone is missing from this pic!!!   

Such a good girl...

Talk about great seats!  And look at little Ava at the head of the table!  :)

My Sister Steph & Mom  

Mom & I

My Sister (Steph) and her daughter Dulaney Jean

Look at Laney's cute Snowman dessert... so adorable!

"Puh-lease!  No pictures!"

We DO have fun... no denying that!

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Katie said...

That is so neat that you are able to do that with all the girls! Just think in a year you'll be going to the American Girl store