Monday, December 13, 2010

Over the river and through the woods....

To YaYa's house we go.  No... we aren't Greek.  That just happens to be the name Ava gives her Nana Norma.  She is YaYa.  And we will be making a visit to see her soon, which means Little Miss Sassy Pants may need some entertainment.  Anywho.... Ava has been quite the happy passenger as of late.  Need evidence?

And why all the grins, you ask??
 Lexus wanted $2500 to install their factory DVD system.  Guess what, I paid  WAY less (WAY, WAY, WAY less) than that, did it myself and look who is happy as can be, watching Tinkerbell.  "Go Momma!  Go Momma! Go!  Go! Go Momma!"

 Happy baby=peaceful drive

 Or should we let Ava decide...?

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