Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow day!!!

The girls (my Mom, Sis & Niece) arrived yesterday morning (seems like weeks ago, considering all of the things we accomplished during their visit!!!). We had the BEST time... and have vowed to make this an annual tradition, going forward. I picked them up at the train station in Naperville (appears to be about 1 minute closer to our house than the La Grange station... which also means we get to spend more time with one another!). I picked them up and we went to the house for them to get "comfy" and then we were off to shop. We were in search of snow suits for the girls (for Ava & Dulaney... not us, silly) and the accessories to make the perfect snowman.

We searched Target head to toe and tried to be creative for our Mr Snowman. This is what we came up with for the poor guy's features:

Carrots= nose (duh!), Oreos= eyes, licorice bites= mouth
Next task was to dress the girls.  How could it be possible that they could become even MORE adorable?!  Well... it happened.  Here are some pics of the sweeties:

She looks like a pink Michelin Man!

Look at my beautiful Niece, Dulaney Jean! 

There couldn't possibly be a CUTER pic than this.  Nuff said.  

Snow bunnies!

Easy on the carrot, Steph.... 

We did it!!!


"Not so sure about this white stuff, Mom."

The Gilbert Boys

Say "NO!" to crack


Steph & Laney

Ava & Mommy, exploring the property

The Heathens 

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