Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rooster Mullet

This is what I refer to as the Rooster Mullet:


How does a child only grow hair on the "mullet section" of her head???  I don't get it!! At this rate, her first haircut will be at age 8... And even then, it will just be for a trim.


At least, now YOU know why I put those RIDICULOUSLY HUGE bows on her. I'm tired of being asked how old "HE" is. I feel like saying, "Really??? You colorblind _______?! Do you see that she's wearing ALL pink? And fur cuffed boots?????" 

 Now, don't get me wrong... I fully support the gay population and will admit, I love a man in pink... with fur cuffed boots... but when it's your baby girl, and they're mistaking her for a boy, it gets annoying.

Dear Hair Gods- if you're listening.... a few plugs on the side of her head would be a SWEET xmas gift.   It would be even sweeter if you'd make them blonde.  Thanks in advance!  :)

PS- I've been a VERY good girl this year!



~Kristi said...

The rooster mullet is really in this season. I saw it in Vogue. Don't be a hater, Ava just has better style than you.

Kristi Gilbert said...

You're right Davis. She IS very fashion-forward,

Laura Evans said...

I didn't have hair until I was 4........just sayin ;)