Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Cancer-

F__K YOU!  Party's over A-HOLE.  Pack your bags and take a hike.  

I've had to deal with you winning the fight against my Dad, Grandparents & friends.... and quite frankly, I am SO OVER it.. and so is everyone else.  We long for the day that you will get your own ass kicked... and then we can all laugh in YOUR face. 

One of these days, we'll find the answer and you will be gone forever.  I long for that day.  Every.  Single. Day.

Until then, make yourself scarce... And don't even think about messing with my Mom again.   You wanna mess with somebody?  Mess with me.  Bring it... I'll come at you like a tornado of teeth and fingernails... Over and over, beatch!  

You want to rear your ugly head?  Go to Afghanistan.  

No love here-

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Krista said...

I hope your mom is OK!