Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Since we were at Macy's, we thought we might as well check the line to see Santa and how long of a wait we could expect.  It was SOOOO much shorter than last year!  Only 20-30 minutes (we were told) and we'd be able to see him!  Woo hoo!!  Last year, we waited for 45 minutes... moved 2 feet and eventually gave up.  

I'm so glad we did it!  It was adorable. They have you go through a maze with a ton of elaborate interactive decorations to keep the little ones busy & to drive the adults completely insane.  Once you reach the magic curtain, Santa's elves guide you back to the special room where Santa is sitting by the fire.  

Laney- In front of (one of many) upside down Christmas Tree

Such cute decorations

 I love how she is looking at Auntie Steph in this one...

 In line... waiting to see Santa

Ratchety elf 

She was clenching the heck out of my shirt... no way was she going on his lap alone.   

His cheeks were extra rosy!

So. Tired.  

On the verge.... 


Laney wrote a letter to Santa

My little "homeslice"... on the way home 

Such a fun day!  And I think my feet have finally gained back feeling in my toes.  Next year, I'll have to remember NOT to wear my hooker boots when trucking through Macy's for 6 hours.  I seriously thought I might have to get a few toes amputated after that adventure.  

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