Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In her words

Rather than write about our Christmas, I thought I would tell the story through pics... from Ava's point of view: 

December 23rd:

"Dulaney walked in and I literally SPRINTED to her and gave her a "Beeeeeg hug!".  I love her sooo much and want to be JUST like her!"

"In this pic, I am eating a nugget, while saying my favorite word "Dad-eyes".  I like to say this word often and think it's funny that none of these big people know what it means.  Silly old folks."   

"This is me dressed as Santa while acting as the North Pole Mail Sorter!"

"Tickle Time with Dad!"

Christmas Eve Morning:

"Opening up my first gifts.  One from Grandma Carol and one from Mommy!" 

"I can't contain my excitement.  I'm dancing all afternoon... WAY too excited for Santa's visit!"

"Mommy & me, all dressed for Christmas Eve..." 

Playing with Mommy & my favorite cousin Dulaney 

"Ya see, Dad... Santa comes tonight.  So we have to make sure and leave cookies for him... and carrots for his reindeer.  That way, I'll be sure to get the best loot on the sleigh"

 Uncle Shayne & Cousin Dulaney

 "Seriously.  I am SO excited for Santa!"

"Santa made a surprise visit during Christmas Eve!  He brought me a xylophone!"  

Christmas morning:
"No. Way.  I can't believe Santa brought me a laptop.  Now I'm JUST like Mom & Dad!  I think I'll start a blog."

"Hold on little baby.  I have to make sure you're strapped in."

 "Mom.  I need to take a break.  Perhaps a cookie will give me more energy to get through the rest of these presents."

 "An Elmo airplane?!  Are you joking?!  This is the BEST gift EVER!!  I sure do love my Uncle Nuggs... especially his amazing talent of gift-giving!!"

Ready for Christmas dinner!

"My Aunt Steph is so entertaining!"

"I see you!!!" 

"Mom.  Enough with the camera."

"Ok, Dulaney.  Let's take it from the top." 

"This holiday ROCKS.  I mean... cookies... presents... nonstop-playtime... snow... I don't want this to end!"

So sweet

Sibling debauchery

As you can see, it was a wonderful holiday... and we were able to have my Brother (Shayne) in town. He was FINALLY able to meet my beautiful baby... who he has since nicknamed "Monkey". I don't find this nickname hard to believe, considering her chimpanzee-like behavior; the little orangutan was all over the place... all the time. In fact, that kid has more energy than Ken & I combined! And if you know the both of us, you know that is completely WHACK! One might think I put Red Bull in her bottle instead of milk! No joke. Hyper as she is, Santa brought her some great loot, because despite her abundance of energy, she was a VERY GOOD GIRL and managed to be on his "Nice List".  I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.  

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