Monday, December 20, 2010

December fun

Our neighbor put up their Christmas lights (I secretly think they hired someone). 

They look so nice.  I decided to take a picture for inspiration. 

As you can see...mine didn't turn out quite as well. 


Well, in my defense... Ken didn't help.  So that's as high as I could get them on the bushes.  As for the roof... I'm afraid of heights so that's not happening either. 

Next year, I think I am going to hire Clark. He'll make it so you can see our house from space!

Here are some other recent pics of Miss Ava during the chilly month of December 2010:

The Walnut Room

Playing with the infamous snow globe (pre-crash-and-burn)

She loves her Vanilla milk.  I treat her with it EACH time we go to the grocery store.  
It makes for a calm little shopper.  

This makes me want to have a gazillion more babies. 

That jack-o-lantern smile.  Gets me every time.  

"Mom- this cabinet was a mess.  I decided to do some reorganizing to help you out."
**Notice the "childproof tabs" on the inside of the cabinet?  I'm telling you... nothing can fool this kid. ** 

At the Dr's office.  She loves this chair!

Giving Tanner (via his Christmas card) a BEEEEG KEEEES!

Bundled up for Oak Brook's outdoor mall (to replace the snow globe!)...


Maggie said...

"Grocery Store" ? Is that code for Starbucks? I recognize that straw!

Kristi Gilbert said...

Maggie- I must admit, I'm a wee bit frightened on your attention to detail... noticing the green-Starbucks straw!!! You ARE GOOD!! No wonder you're a photographer! We go to Dominick's on 63rd & 83... they have a Starbucks there.. hence the green straw.