Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How did you find me?

What I mean is, how did you come across this blog?  Sure, if you're a friend of mine, you see my blog posts come through on Facebook.  But what about those of you that I DON'T know.  How did you find my teeny, tiny, little blog?

I looked at the statistics on my Blogger Manager Page (tells you where you receive most of your traffic).  Apparently, I have some popularity overseas...  Which is interesting considering I don't have family there... a few friends but not enough to create this much traffic!

Pageviews by Countries
United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

Even more interesting is this: When you go to Google and type in a keyword search,
it gives you results. Well, it turns out, my Blogger Manager keeps track of what 

keyword searches offer up "W & C" as a search result. Here are the most recent 
keyword searches that "W & C" popped up:

Search Keywords
kristi houston gilbert

whine and cheez

whine and cheez kristi
yes virginia snownglobe
"kristi" sex toys blog
big needle in butt
kristi gilbert
macy's santa how long is the wait
macys elf show sucks
needle ass perversion

So... my next thoughts are... who searches for "big needle in butt"? The "macys elf
show sucks" comment sure would piss "T" off , since no one is allowed to speak
their opinion. Regarding the "needle ass perversion"... um, is there some sick fetish
with butts and syringes? What the _____?!  What is this world coming to?! Lastly... 

I was intrigued onhow the "kristi-sex-toys-blog" search would list my blog as a search
result. So I just had to test it.

  1. Sex - On the Edge - Kristi Gustafson - Style Fashion Dating Blog
  2. Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It - Recap - On Again/On Again | Vh1 ...May 31, 2010 ... When Raine is home, 
  3. Whats Your Position??? | Kristi Riley Jan 20, 2010 ... 
  4. Kama Sutra and sex books. Sex Toys. Sex is a very fun 
  5. Sex toys & gift cards sale | N.E.K.: The Cuntinuing AdventuresSex toys & gift cards sale. Posted by
  6. Whine & Cheez - 3 visits - Oct 4 Dec 3, 2010 ... Ideally, I'd like to have a few separate tabs on my blog 
And coming in at #6... drumroll please.... there she blows!!! I'm not sure how I 
feel about that. ;-) What I mean is I'm not sure if I'm proud or if I'm very offended...?


    Kristi Gilbert said...

    Sorry about all the wacky formatting problems. All the cutting/ pasting made it turn out VERY strange... and LOOOOOOOONG!

    Laura Evans said...

    I came across your blog via you being a follow of Callie Page Photography. I don't know if you remember me or not-but I took dance from Cheryl...there was a bit of an age difference between us! BUT I remember you and looked up to you because you were beautiful girl and a beautiful dancer! I love reading your blogs, I wish I could express myself as witty as you!!

    Anonymous said...

    I've been stalking you for years now!! haha

    Mascara meets Matchbox said...

    Kristi - I mentioned your blog today on my blogpost, maybe you will get some more followers! love reading what you have to say.....

    ~Kristi said...

    Well, I first started following you when I lived in the city. You know, when you went to Starbucks, Target, etc. I would sit at the Bird's Nest stuffing my face with their amazing wings till you drove away, and then I would follow. By the way, you are a terrible driver.
    After I moved, I needed a new way to follow you, so this is the next best thing. Hope this helps!