Monday, February 28, 2011

Adios February!

At Homegoods.  She passed out... but didn't dare let go of either ball.  Future athlete?  Perhaps.

I stole more than a handful of kisses.  She can't fight back when she's sleeping!  
Little darling
So sleepy, snuggling with Dad
At Page's Diner in Hinsdale- getting ready to meet Quinn for breakfast
Someone has spotted Quinn outside the window of the restaurant!!!
That little, certain someone is just a WEE bit excited to see our friend!
...and the squealing begins!!

Thanks Quinn for snapping a quick pic of us in our matching hats!
::Don't ask me what is going on with the chunk of hair shooting out the side of my head::

I think Ava sort of looks like a little train conductor. Boyish? Yes! .. and it's just like her! 

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