Wednesday, February 16, 2011

... and exhale.....ahhhhh.

The Ritz Carlton at Grand Cayman

Since we are going to be vacationing in April, the diet & workout regimen needs to be kicked into high-gear! I'll start tomorrow. :) No but really, I can't go to the gym today because we have guys here from Alert Protective Services, installing a burglar alarm throughout our home. I have to say, they are so nice. And they are doing such a great job. Better than the fools I spoke to at ADT--they sent out the worst people that I've ever seen--talk about some people that need some Sales Training 101!?!? 

The "sound pool" at the Ritz

So, Ava & I are stuck home and I'm going stir crazy. Which explains why I've been writing ALL DAY. Poor Ava and I are so bored. We watched Toy Story, Elmo Goes to Grouchland, Sprout, etc. She's napping now so I pray they keep the noise down so I can get a few hours of "me time"--which lands me right here, with my laptop. I couldn't help but look at the hotel we're staying at and the beautiful, world renowned Seven Mile Beach. I visited this very beach back in '98 with my Mom & Sis.  And you can't beat the Ritz! We've stayed at the Ritz in San Juan (Honeymoon), Jamaica (previous Chairman's Club trip), Maui (2nd honeymoon) and now Grand Cayman. The service and staff cannot be beat. Whenever you ask for something, they reply with, "my pleasure" or "certainly"-- I love it!

Look at that gorgeous beach... just steps from our hotel!
I've been shopping online all morning- looking for the perfect resort wardrobe-- swimwear, sunglasses, cover ups, sundresses, etc. Got any recommendations other than VS? If so, let me know!  

I cannot wait.  Although the trip does scare me a little, because it will be the first time being away from Ava for more than a night. Who better to take care of her than my Mom, but still. I will miss her so much. I'm already excited to bring her back souvenirs!

Bored little Ava- watching Toy Story

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