Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peace, love and elbow grease!

We recently took a short trip to Q-town to visit my sister Steph and her family--mostly because it was her daughter's (my precious niece) 6th birthday, and because we hadn't seen each other since Christmas! We had the BEST time!  

Her birthday was at Scotties Skateland, now known as "The Funspot". This place is nothing like I remembered it. Now it resembles a Dave & Buster's --which is a far cry from the old school, crummy 70's-style skating rink I used to go to every Friday night in 5th grade.  Not only had it changed, but it was packed, too-- on a Saturday afternoon!  The kids in the birthday party had a blast--skating, bumper-cars, laser tag, games, etc.  We were only there for about 3 hours, but I admit--I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it.  Thank God they serve beer, otherwise, I may have been a goner. 

Here are some of my favorite pics of the weekend!
1/2 way through the 5 hour drive 
Playing with Dulaney & Erica
Little Liberace
My happy baby

I woke up, to find her playing quietly in her pack & play.  I watched her for about 5 minutes until she realized that Mommy slept ALL night in the same room.
Ava & Dulaney, pre-partying at Bonkers.  Going up the slide, rather than down.
They would get to the top, lose their footing and slide down on their bellies, laughing all the way.
 I wish I could bottle their laughter. 

Getting ready to leave for the party.  Yes, there was a theme.
We don't just dress like this... well, at least Dulaney & I don't.  ;-)

Me & D
Steph- Driving a Honda Odyssey... but clearly belongs on the back of a Harley.
Momma Steph & her birthday girl
My little hippie baby
"Mmmm, tomatoes!"
Mouth full of juice (or as she says, "jizzzzz").  I know.  It's wrong.
Quite possibly my most favorite pic of her EVER!
Back home we go!  She's digging for gold.

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