Sunday, February 27, 2011

My very own mixologist

Little did I know that I had such a creative drink-maker on my hands.  Just this morning, I watched her make one of her "Original Smoothies".   Here'a a play-by-play of her in action.  
First, gather all ingredients: bottled water, goldfish & sippy cup of apple juice.

Next, break up goldfish in tiny pieces

Add goldfish to bottled water

Add apple juice to mixture

... and some more apple juice

Time to sample the recipe

Whoa... a bigger gulp than she could handle

Debating on whether or not it needs more goldfish

Definitely needs the goldfish

She appears to be disappointed in herself.  I told her "chin up"... just try again. 

She's over it.  Onto Toy Story.

She loves to say "Buzzzzzz"

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