Monday, February 14, 2011


Yep. "THAT KID IS HITTING MY KID!" is exactly what I said when I walked into daycare, only to find a little girl, hitting my sweet little Ava on the head-- and then on her back-- and then again on her head. I nearly scaled the wall to rescue her.

She was visibly upset-- crying because she was confused on why the other little girl was hitting her. I will fully admit that I gave the little girl a VERY dirty look. I am embarrassed about this now but at the time, I needed to let that little girl know that "you do NOT mess with a Gilbert-- or a Houston, for that matter"!

I couldn't help it. My motherly instinct was on OVERDRIVE and I became soooo pissed about the situation. I realize kids are going to display bad behavior (my own little darling bit me last week for crying out loud)-- But when it's against your kid, it somehow feels personal.

I certainly hope that behavior didn't rub off on Ava. I asked her earlier, "Ava, are you Mommy's Valentine?" and she simply replied "Jess!", grinning ear to ear, flashing all 12 teeth. I love that kid and all of her bits.

Here are a few pics of her giving Francois (our wooden wine holder) a beeeeg valentine keeees!

Notice the missing sock?

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