Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommy Poll: When to get the big girl bed?

I've already decided that Ava's first bed will be a full/ queen-sized bed.  I say this because I like the idea of being able to cuddle up with her on nights that she wakes from bad dreams, has friends over (I know that we are YEARS away from this), has a little bro or sis that wants to sleep with her, etc.  

I just think it's a wiser decision than to buy her a mini-bed now... and a twin later... and a full when she's a teen.  Know what I'm sprayin'?  

With that said... when do you move them from crib to bed?  I will obviously have rails on either side of the bed, to keep her from tumbling down.  But when is the right time?  I feel like she's WAY to tiny to be in that big of a bed...?  

What advice can you give me, Mommy friends?! Please share your thoughts/ comments/ concerns. 

Thanks in advance-


print girl ink said...

Ava is in a queen bed bc we had the same thought process as you and we already had the bed so why buy an extra one only to put this one in storage. We kept Ava in the crib as loooooooong as possible. She was 2 years and 7 months when we switched her. She only tried to climb out of the crib one time and she didn't seem bothered by being in the crib so there was no reason to switch sooner than that. Also I read somewhere to wait as long as you can (assuming they aren't climbing out of the crib) so that they are old enough to know they need to stay in bed for naps and bedtime. So far so good. We have rails on both sides but she really just sleeps on the one side of the bed next to the one rail... kinda like she did in her crib. The bed seems big now but in the long run it's worth it.

Laura Kaluzna said...

We just ordered Sam's big boy furniture last week! We got a full-size bed and a rail for each side. We need the crib for BK #2 by the beginning of July, and have received lots of advice to make the transition well ahead of baby's arrival so Sam doesn't feel replaced or kicked out. We plan to transition him in early May - he'll be 22 months. Keep you posted!!

Anonymous said...

Wait as long as possible, as close to 3 as you can make it. Nothing will make you lose more sleep than the fear of Ava roaming the halls at night.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend a trundle bed!!! It has the bed with drawers you pull out underneath. Let me explain why. A year ago, Morgan fell out of her full-size bed while getting up in the middle of the night. She was groggy and it was too far of a drop. She broke her collar bone. Also, we had the bed rails up. She liked to sit on TOP of it. She fell off of it and reinjured it. With a trundle, you can pull it out part way and if they roll off, the other bed is there which sits MUCH lower to the ground. We are at the age of the sleepover fun. Believe it or not, most kids want their own space. The trundle works perfect. They are still side-by-side and they sleep better. Morgan's is white and adorable!!! LUV IT