Friday, February 4, 2011

My 17 month old

Today was the day. I stopped giving Ava her bottle.

To my surprise, it went perfectly. She didn't fuss one bit. In fact, she opted for no milk at all. Both times she went down today, I rocked her and offered her milk in her sippy-cup. She just shook her head and said, "Noooo, Nooo". I then put her in her bed, wide awake. She watched me cover her up with eyes wide open, as I told her how much I loved her and how she was "such a good girl". Then I said, "Nigh Nigh" and closed the door. She didn't cry either time, rather she talked & mumbled herself to sleep. How lucky am I? I was thinking this would be a HORRIFIC experience. Little angel. :)

I poured out her last bottle today, which was full of last night's milk. As I dumped it into the sink, I quickly realized that I will not see these bottles until our family adds another member. Pretty amazing... and sad at the same time; I will certainly miss the baby-ness of my girl. She is a tornado now. No more the helpless little infant.

Speaking of tornadoes-- She took a few hard spills today, one of which was falling off the top shelf of her 3 shelved bookcase (I usually catch her in the act but was I busy doing the dishes). She came down with a loud THUD. I turned off the water and listened for the cry--and it was definitely there-- loud, the kind where I know she is really hurt. I scooped her up and examined her, only to find two HUGE welts on her chin. I put Neosporin on both spots and soothed her as she was draped around my neck. Moments later, she was dancing to the Wiggles. This kid is unstoppable. I have a feeling she's going to be a major tomboy-- just like her Momma was.

Here is a video of us from today:


Unknown said...

I was SO GLAD the day that we were done with bottles for Griffin - i think he was 13 months. and he didn't care either! as long as milk was coming from somewhere (the sippy cup) he was happy! now we are almost 7 months into Gemma and the bottle party (that's what i call it when I wash them nightly) and i have to say when we retire these bad boys i again, will not be sad. bottle washing = annoying task. hahaha....

Dried-on Milk said...

isn't it funny how you THINK something is going to be so horrible but when it comes time to do it (whatever it is) the kids are usually whateva. that's how no bottle, no binkie, potty training and big girl bed was... i was expecting a long fight and it turned out to be nothing at all!!