Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ava & Maddie: Best Buds

We had the BEST play-date with Jenny & Maddie today!! We decided to meet at Monkey Bizness after the girls finished their naps (around 3:30 pm). They were adorable!  They were laughing and giggling, jumping around in the bounce house.  Maddie even inspired Ava to go down the slide, all by herself!  We spent almost two hours there.  The girls were EXHAUSTED! Mission accomplished!

Afterwards, we went to Cafe Salsa to have dinner.  I'd heard about this place before... and being the Mexican connoisseur I am, I just HAD to check it out. Not to mention, Jen had a $25 gift certificate from a client that she was dying to use.  Talk about a perfect combo. The food was out of control.  DO NOT be fooled by the facade of the building; brilliant chefs/ cooks are inside just waiting to serve you the REAL DEAL!  And it's SO reasonable.

The girls behaved like ANGELS!  They were adorable.  They split a grilled cheese & fries. Ava chose to dip the chips (from the chips and salsa) into the ketchup mostly (what a wholesome dinner.)  And Jenny & I had AWESOME food... and Margareeeeeeetas (It IS National Margarita Day people.. and I'm very patriotic).  I will definitely be hitting them up again soon!

 Little lambs.  So happy.
 Both girls insisted on having the chips WITH salsa!
They're rethinking the salsa right about now.

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