Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fed Up

To call it "annoying" doesn't even do it justice.  Why must the Fed Ex guy always come at 2:00?  That is smack-dab in the middle of Ava-Loo-Hoo's nap time.  Every time he comes for "the drop", he rings that _____ bell.  Why?!?!  I NEVER have to sign for anything.  And when the bell rings, you can only imagine how the dogs react. Dumb & Dumber (the dogs) go completely berserk-- resulting in a crying baby, who is up for the remainder of the day. Maybe it's time I intervene to let him know how much he and his doorbell-ringing-happy-finger are pissing me off. 

I'm thinking of getting a little sign to hang on the doorknob that says something to the effect of:
"Ring this bell and you'll get your twig and berries chopped off and handed to you in a paper bag."
 Think that would get the point across?  

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