Monday, February 21, 2011

Filling up space

For the last month or so, I've been searching for furniture to complete some of the spaces left unoccupied throughout the house. Lucky for us, I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought 3 key items. Here's what we've got on the way!
This picture is for the center-panel-wall in the "man cave" (below)

This bookshelf will go to the right of the TV in the basement (see photo below)

This will fill up the empty wall in the foyer 

That's it as far as new furniture/ decor coming. Can I just say I love World Market?!

Here are some recent pics of the house since some of you had requested to see the progress we've made since moving in. Come and visit us anytime!

My office

Still searching for the perfect piece of artwork for above the couch

Ava's Playroom
I decided that plum will be the accent color in the bedroom...
it' slowly growing on me... like a fungus   
White chair & ottoman will go in the corner (that will be the next purchase)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely the most uplifting post. Great to make the old become new again. Just love it.