Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't eat the yellow snow.

We are bracing ourselves for what is to be THE biggest snowstorm/ blizzard to hit the midwest in years. We are being told to expect up to 24" of snow, accompanied by 40 mph winds. 

They are even forecasting "snow thunder". What the heck is snow thunder? I mean, I know what snow is... and I know what thunder is... I just didn't know that snow thunder actually exists. Is there really such a thing?! Is somebody "joshing" me about that one?!  

Being a kid that grew up in the midwest, I'm not afraid of a forecast for 24" of snow. I LOVED it when I was little. I remember digging my Mom's car out of a 4' snow drift, thinking it was the coolest thing EVER. But the fact that Homeland Security is talking about this storm-- makes it a little more serious than your average school day.  

I knew I had to stock up on supplies for the next few days so I drove straight to Binny's. I loaded the car up to the roof! I'm thinking that we should be good--at least until Tuesday. 

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